Free your Business
Bank Account

Send payments to over 200 countries and exchange up to 36 currencies with freedom and ease.

Innovative Multi-Currency Accounts

Access to 35+ currencies means we’ve got you covered in all major markets.


Pay the World

  • Schedule payments with confidence to over 200 countries via international wires, local bank transfers or ACH.
  • Choose your speed: standard or priority, for online payments delivered in less than 2 days.

Mass Payments... a few Clicks away

  • Pay domestic and international vendors constractors, partners and all other payers in between easily using a CSV file.
  • Save time and simplify payments by bundling them into one transaction.
  • Payees never incur fees and don’t need to open an account with us.

Countries with local payments


Virtual Account Numbers

Local accounts in the EU & USA issued to you.

Easy Reconcillation

Using virtual account numbers and rich reference data.

No SWIFT Deductions

Invoices paid in full without unfair SWIFT charges.

Global Collections

Expand your payment capabilities with tools to collect currency abroad. The Collect functionality is a ready-made collections product that issues you with local accounts to speed up payments in the US and Eurozone.

You can leverage our trusted platform for a first-class experience free from the complexities and inefficiencies of traditional cross-border payments.

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